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USA Disaster Relief Corps:: The USA Disaster Relief Corps is organized exclusively for the purpose of providing disaster relief, assistance, and education to the public in conjunction with federal, state, and local government emergency management authorities. The USADRC is fully funded and does not accept any donations from the public. In the event a USADRC vehicle is in your area, please feel free to ask the squad operating the equipment to provide you with a brief demonst

Action by Churches Together International:: ACT International is the global alliance of churches and related agencies working to save lives and support communities in emergencies worldwide.

Islamic Relief Worldwide:: International relief and development organizations, working towards alleviating the poverty and suffering of the world's poorest people, irrespective of race, creed, and religion.

National Relief Network:: Coalition of organizations and disaster relief agencies combining resources and expertise to provide an avenue for volunteers to take part in coordinated disaster relief efforts.

Turkish American Association of California Earthquake Relief Center:: Details of how to make donations to help victims of the earthquakes in Turkey.

Prestige Disaster:: Maps and data from the European Environment Information and Observation Network.

Disaster Center:: Provides news and resources about a variety of catastrophes and response agencies.

Perfect Disaster:: Discovery Channel series about perfect disasters, storms that are larger, more dangerous, and more deadly than any before them. Episodes explore what would happen if amajor metropolis were hit with a super tornado, the effects of a solar storm, a typhoon, megaflood, fire storm, or ice storm.

MSNBC - Disaster in the Gulf:: Full coverage includes news, NBC Field Notes and timeline relating to the accident, its impact, and the cleanup efforts. USA.

Memories of a Nuclear Disaster:: 1999 essay from CNN. Includes related video and news stories.

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USA Disaster Relief Corps
Air Force Contract Augmentation Program - AFCAP
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Disaster Recovery Assistance
1997 Flood in Grand Forks, North Dakota
Operation USA