Severe Weather Awareness - NOAA

Severe Weather Awareness - NOAA Related

Severe Weather Awareness:: Covers tornadoes, flash floods, lightning, blizzards, and hurricanes. From the National Weather Service.

Awareness Magazine:: A bi-monthly publication that reaches individuals concerned with many issues involving the environment and nature.

Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection:: To fight noise pollution and foster the right to quiet.

Dark Skies Awareness: An IYA2009 Cornerston Project:: Learn about adverse impacts of excess artificial lighting on local environments and participate in monitoring events to help more people appreciate the ongoing loss of a dark night sky for much of the world's population.

Weather Tec Corp.:: Irrigation sprinkler manufacturer.

How the Weather affects Your Health:: Learn about environmental factors that influence human well-being.

Weather Monitoring and Irrigation Control:: Remote data acquisition for weather monitoring and irrigation control. Also, water management, pest management, plant disease prediction.

North American Weather Consultants:: Meteorological consultants (located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) who offer extensive experience in performing dispersion modeling for: simple, complex or intermediate terrain; single or multiple emission points; and buoyant or dense gas releases.

Weather Channel: Fall Foliage:: Plan your leaf-peeping with the Weather Channel's U.S. fall foliage reports and regional fall color maps.

Climate Change From the BBC Weather Centre:: Learn about the evidence, impacts, adaptation, and policies associated with climate change. Also offers a distributed computing program that allows you to take part in the largest climate change experiment ever.

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