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World Reference Base, Map of World Soil Resources:: Map, information and legend of the World Soil Resources. 1:25.000.000 scale, with image and georeferenced vector formats, FAO/AGL 2003.

World: Lecture notes on the major soils of the world:: Description, characteristics, geography, landforms and genesis of the 30 Reference Soil Groups (WRB), grouped in 10 sets

Prestige Disaster:: Maps and data from the European Environment Information and Observation Network.

Disaster Center:: Provides news and resources about a variety of catastrophes and response agencies.

Perfect Disaster:: Discovery Channel series about perfect disasters, storms that are larger, more dangerous, and more deadly than any before them. Episodes explore what would happen if amajor metropolis were hit with a super tornado, the effects of a solar storm, a typhoon, megaflood, fire storm, or ice storm.

MSNBC - Disaster in the Gulf:: Full coverage includes news, NBC Field Notes and timeline relating to the accident, its impact, and the cleanup efforts. USA.

Memories of a Nuclear Disaster:: 1999 essay from CNN. Includes related video and news stories.

Disaster News Network:: News and information about U.S. disaster response and volunteer opportunities.

Disaster Aid UK & Ireland:: Disaster Aid UK & Ireland now offers the opportunity to help rebuild shattered lives through the provision of vital emergency shelter and survival systems to family units. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, this organisation is ready to provide a quick response. It puts people on the road to recovery from the unpredictable situation they find themselves in at the earliest possible opportunity. When disasters occur there are four immedia

CBS News Disaster Links:: Collection of web sites addressing natural and man-made disasters.

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