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Industrial Ecology:: Industrial Ecology promotes enhanced sustainability by stimulating innovations in the reuse of waste materials. The wastes or by-products of one industry are used as inputs in another industry, thereby closing the material loop of industrial systems and minimizing waste. * Waste and by-products must be reused as input materials in a systematic way to close the material cycle as efficiently as possible; * Loss caused by dispersion must b

Industrial Ecology Compendium:: Describes the background of industrial ecology, defines its main attributes, and puts it in the perspectives of an academic discipline and a field of ecology.

Industrial Ecology Lab:: The Industrial Ecology Lab was established in 2005 by Dr. Sangwon Suh. We are dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of Industrial Ecology based on inter-disciplinary and quantitative approaches. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge research and training in the field of industrial ecology through cross-disciplinary and quantitative analyses. Core research areas include: • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Systems An

Industrial Ecology Co LLC:: The Industrial Ecology Co LLC was developed in 2005 to initially provide Energy Efficient lighting for Industrial and Commercial customers. After 39 years in the lighting industry (Philips Lighting and Westinghouse Lamp Division). Paul Walitsky retired from Philips and formed The Industrial Ecology Co LLC. The Industrial Ecology Co LLC is registered in New Jersey as a small business (47693-20). It is one of the participants in the New Jersey Stat

Ecology Center:: Nonprofit organization devoted to sustainable development.

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center:: Educational institute and intentional community offering classes, retreat, tours, and more.

Research Center for Forest Ecology and Environment:: RCFEE is an institution working under the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam, researching sustainable uses for forests and forestland, forest ecology and physiology, and environmental monitoring, prediction and assessment.

Industrial Agricultural Products Center (IAPC):: Created by the University of Nebraska's governing board. Purpose of group is to promote the development of new industrial products that are made totally or partly from agricultural commodities, such as renewable energy and biodegradable plastics. Page includes list of current research projects and staff.

Industrial Center's Air Toxics Compliance Consortium:: Information on compliance technologies, vendors, and case studies for toxic air pollutants (as defined in U.S. regulations).

New Ecology, Inc.:: Nonprofit environmental organization that promotes economic development in distressed urban communities throughout New England.

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