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Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies:: Works to improve human stewardship of God's creation through its university programs, youth and community outreach, and group retreats.

California Institute for Rural Studies:: Conducts policy research aimed at improving lives, conditions, and economies of rural areas, with a primary focus on agricultural labor markets.

Studies and Papers of the World Phosphate Institute:: Dealing with all aspects of phosphate application and management.

NASA: Goddard Institute for Space Studies:: Includes a spotlight on global warming, and information on their research into the climate and climate modelling.

Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS):: Conducts policy oriented research and offers postgraduate education on pressing global issues, policy development, and learning.

National Institute for Chemical Studies (NICS):: Helps the public and chemical industry resolve safety, health, and environmental issues.

University of Southern California (USC): Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies:: Dedicated to the advancement of environmental education and research. Includes the Wrigley Marine Science Center.

Environmental Studies:: The mission of the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz is to be an influential and effective leader in innovative, interdisciplinary environmental scholarship and teaching. The Environmental Studies Department is home to some of the most creative faculty and unique research programs in the country. It is comprised of four overlapping research areas: • Agroecology • Conservation Biology • Environmental Policy • Politica

Environmental Studies:: Environmental Studies at UCSB, established in 1970, The Environmental Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara is one of the oldest and largest programs in the nation, and is recognized as one the most successful undergraduate environmental programs in the world. With over 5,000 alumni, our graduates can be found holding leadership positions, nationally and internationally, in government, industry, law, and dozens of other fields. We pioneered an inte

Center for Coastal Studies:: A private, nonprofit organization for research, conservation, and education in the coastal and marine environments of the Gulf of Maine and marine mammals of the western North Atlantic.

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