EMF-Link Related

EMF Science:: Provides EMF testing of homes and businesses to ensure they are within industry safety levels. Also offers consultancy services and an online store.

Total EMF Protection:: Offers products to protect the user from all types of electromagnetic radiation. Includes information on electromagnetic fields and the hazards they cause.

EMF Services - Field Measurement and Remediation:: Provides electromagnetic field measurement surveys, remediation services, and home design consultations.

Silencing the Fields - EMF Reduction Principles:: A practical guide to reduction of AC magnetic fields, by Ed Leeper. Includes commentary on EMF health effects studies.

EMF-Bioshield, Electro Magnetic Fields Biological Shielding:: Protection from TV EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) that can become a health hazard.

Banana Link:: Details of campaigns, lobbies, and researches on social and environmental issues concerned with the growing of bananas. Extensive links collection.

Farmer Link:: Provides a directory of farms, farmer's markets, equine services, and real estate in addition to tractor part sales.

Link Commerce Ltd.:: Exporter of Brazilian wood. Products include pine, hardwoods, sawn hardwoods for flooring and plywood.

Landscape Link:: Information and links to various aspects of the landscape industry.

Lama Link:: Trade magazine available in both print and online to bring timely information to people who have a passion for llamas.

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