Femu - Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Interaction

Femu - Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Interaction Related

Belgian BioElectroMagnetic Group:: Researches the effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic 50 Hz fields on health. This group includes experts from nine teams of Belgian researchers. In English, French and Dutch.

Gilat Research Center:: Comprises research units that concentrate primarily on the issues facing farmers in Israel's Negev: crop cultivation, soil, and plant protection.

US Dairy Forage Research Center:: Includes publications, research work groups, research farm, software, databases, and staff directory.

Citrus Research and Education Center:: University of Florida research, teaching and extension center devoted to citrus, addressing issues in horticulture, pests and diseases, and processing technology. Information about departments and facilities, list of publications.

UC Vegetable Research & Information Center:: Mission of the Vegetable Research and Information Center. VRIC's mission is to foster appropriate research, collect and disseminate information relevant to consumers, growers and processors in the California vegetable industry and to continue its role as a leader and nationally-recognized source of research and information in support of the vegetable industry.

Center for Applied Nursery Research:: Performs needs-driven research for the green industry in an operational nursery setting in Georgia. Overview of current projects and past results, staff, and event calendar.

Weed Research and Information Center:: An interdisciplinary collaboration that fosters research in Weed Management and facilitates distribution of associated knowledge for the benefit of agriculture and for the preservation of natural resources.

Irrigation Training and Research Center:: University web site. Focusing on irrigation training and research.

Center for Applied Horticultural Research:: Non-profit organization in Vista, California, USA aiming to address, through research, the practical issues the nursery and floriculture industry face.

Center for Environmental Research and Technology:: Provides certification and continuing education classes that meet National Radon Proficiency Program. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.

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