Human Radiation Effects Group, University of Bristol

Human Radiation Effects Group, University of Bristol Related

Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation:: A comprehensive report from the Canadian Environmental Advisory Council on the biological effects of radiation. Genetic damage, latency of cancer, units of exposure, biological effectiveness of radiation.

Radiation Effects Research Foundation:: Private, nonprofit Japanese foundation, supported by the U.S. and Japan governments, that conducts research and studies on the effects of radiation exposure on humans with a view toward contributing to the maintenance of the health and welfare of atomic-bomb survivors and to the enhancement of the health of all people. Laboratories in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Human-Environment Systems Group:: In the Human-Environment Systems (HES) group we conduct problem-driven environmental research. Currently we focus on creating a sustainable energy system, and reducing people's vulnerability to climate and other natural hazards. Our mission is to identify those scientific questions that policy makers need answered urgently, and then to answer them, communicating the results clearly and effectively. Our core competencies are in the collection and

University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources:: Manoa, Hawaii.

Radiation Health Physics - Oregon State University:: Describes programs of study and provides information on health physics, including a glossary, plus information on the physical aspects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, their biological effects, and methods of radiological protection.

Environmental Software and Modelling Group, Technical University of Madrid:: Conducts research in modelling and prediction of air quality.

Leeds University: Climate Change and Impacts Research Group:: Research includes understanding and quantifying the causes of climate change, paleoclimate modelling, crop modelling and collaborative work with domestic and international institutes on climate change impacts.

Environmental Biogeochemistry Research Group - Robert Gordon University, Scotland:: Range of projects includes geomicrobial ecology, sedimentary geochemistry, and waste systems.

Bristol Seafood Inc:: Offers northeastern scallops, haddock, cod, and other seafood products. Product listing and company profile. Portland, Maine.

Bristol Foods Wholesale:: Confectionery and cake discount wholesaler.

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