Snake River Electronics

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Snake River Jerky:: Beef and turkey jerky, flavored, sliced, ground varieties, and spices.

Snake River Farms:: Boise, Idaho. Offers American raised Kobe beef and Kurobuta pork.

Snake River Produce Company:: Grows, packs, and ships Spanish sweet onions. Product information, regional facts, and related links.

USGS - Snake River Field Station:: Research, publications, geospatial data, news and information relating to the Snake River region ecosystem, with emphasis on raptor ecology, biology and habitat.

Brown Tree Snake:: Resources and links on biology, distribution, and control of Boiga irregularis.

Tain Electronics:: Makes soil moisture loggers and shutter controllers, datalogging for the classroom laboratory, and the "Soil Moisture Logger" for viticulture.

Robor Electronics:: Offers birth alarms and cameras. Includes description and photos of products. (Dutch, English)

Pylon Electronics Inc.:: Canadian designer and manufacturer of radon and thoron measurement systems, sources and standards.

Madur Electronics:: Producer of flue gas analyzers and NDIR infrared sensors for diffusion and flow measurement of carbon dioxide and methane for indoor climate control and biogas applications.

Virtual Electronics:: Manufacturer and supplier of instruments for the monitoring of hydrological and meteorological parameters.

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