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Endocrine Disruptors Research Initiative:: Describes the coordination of U.S. federal government efforts to examine the hypothesis that there are chemicals present in the environment of humans and wildlife that, by virtue of their ability to interact with endocrine systems, are causing a variety of adverse health effects.

OECD Endocrine Disruptors Assessment:: Part of the OECD Test Guidelines Programme, focused on reaching international agreement on the testing and assessment of chemicals with respect to their endocrine disrupting potential.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER):: Works with and on behalf of public employees to safeguard the nation's natural resources.

Endocrine/Estrogen Letter:: Newsletter and comprehensive set of endocrine disrupter links.

The Information Site on Endocrine Modulation:: This conservative, industry/government funded site provides very cautious interpretations of scientific findings about endocrine disruption.

WWF Endocrine Disruptor Information:: Papers and speeches on how hormone disruptors interfere with bio-chemical processes, and a suspected list of hormone disruptors.

Endocrine Disrupters: Are Synthetic Hormones Causing Environmental Chaos?:: Information from the Why Files about the endocrine system, effects of pesticides/PCBs/dioxins on wildlife and people, and prospects for action to resolve this concern.

Carbon Low:: Helps people and business better understand, measure, monitor and reduce their property and supply chain carbon footprint.

Earthworm Review:: Reviews of educational and instructional vermicomposting web sites.

Potato Review:: Potatocrop is an essential web site for the professional potato grower. POTATO REVIEW was launched in 1990 and quickly became established as one of Europe’s top specialist agriculture journals. We report on developments in agronomy and crop protection, on new harvesting and handling machinery, on scientific, technical and marketing innovations in the UK and overseas. Copies go to growers, agronomists, merchants, potato buyers and processors

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