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The Pollination Home Page:: Pollination management information for both home and professional fruit and vegetable growers, gardeners, beekeepers and others involved in pollination.

Roy's Home Page:: Information and analysis on the human and environmental impacts of hydroelectric projects and other energy technology, dam safety, integrated resource planning, and other topics. Includes comparative study of hydroelectric projects in Canada and India.

The Dioxin Home Page:: Personal home page by Lewis A. Shadoff, Ph.D., discusses dioxins, furans, and similar toxic substances, including what they are and where they are found.

Superfund Home Page:: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) site about the CERCLA statute and Superfund programs.

IPM Access Home Page:: A networking and information service for IPM practitioners and other interested people.

Spooner Farms Home Page:: Washington supplier of Certified Raspberry Plants.

Cochins International Home Page:: Club promoting large and bantam varieties. Site has club info, breeder points, breed characteristics and photos.

Euphrates River Home Page:: Describes the Asian river's animals, history, and current pollution problems.

Sharkkbait's Shark Conservation and Home Page:: Essay dispels common myths and misconceptions about attacks. Also discusses the role the predator plays in maintaining balance in ecosystems.

Fire and Mountain Ecology Lab Home Page:: Conducts ecological and sociological research in National Parks and other Protected Areas of the Pacific Northwest

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