Hydro Tech Environmental, Corp.

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Tech Environmental Inc. (TEI):: Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, TEI provides consulting for air quality and noise issues. Their services include: permit applications; siting and feasibility studies; environmental impact assessments; and technical support tasks such as air dispersion and noise modeling, planning, and monitoring.

OP-TECH Environmental Services:: Complete environmental remediation, asbestos and lead abatement, emergency spill response, hazardous waste disposal, PCB decontamination and plant decommissioning.

CECO Environmental Corp:: Provide innovative, custom-engineered solutions for improving air quality in a wide range of process and industrial applications.

Small Hydro Garden:: Blog describing adventures in hydroponic techniques, experimentation and product exploration.

Hydro Turf Planters Association:: Serves the hydro turf planting, grass, and erosion control industries . Includes a members only and public area . Provides industry news, advice and a listing of contractors.

Hyb Tech:: Project set up to develop F1 breeding technology for crops. Plants being tested are rice, tomato, chicory and tobacco. Funded by a commission of six European countries. techniques.

Servi-Tech Inc.:: Provides crop and environmental consulting and laboratory services in the High Plains area of the USA. Includes information on agronomy research, precision agriculture and the services offered.

Agra Tech, Inc.:: Specializes in commercial greenhouses.

Grow-Tech Inc.:: Makers of The Rooting Sponge (FlexiPlug), a new growth medium which naturally maintains the proper air to water ratio to promote healthy growth.

Sire Tech:: Custom semen collection center for bulls.

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