Vortex Tubes And Spot Cooling

Vortex Tubes And Spot Cooling Related

Vortex Ecological Technologies:: Developer of pollution control systems that clean industrial emissions or liquid flows, removing fine particles and gas pollutants.

Millennium Cooling, Inc.:: Manufacturers of fruit ripening rooms, produce coolers, and freezers. Delray Beach, Florida.

CAT Cooling & Applied Technology:: Provides information systems and processing equipment to the food industry. Russellville, Arkansas.

The Tea Spot:: Offers a selection of loose leaf blended and herbal teas.

Strawberry Leaf Spot:: Photograph of a leaf affected by Mycosphaerella fragariae.

Wheat Tan Spot:: Photographs of Pyrenophora tritici-repentis lesions on a wheat leaf, its description and control.

Light Leaf Spot:: Photograph and symptoms of this foliar disease of oilseed rape, its biology and advice on control measures.

Color Spot Nurseries:: Grows and distributes bedding plants, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, ground cover, and Christmas trees.

Gray Leaf Spot of Corn:: Photographs of lesions, and information on this disease caused by the fungus Cercospora zeae-maydis, its symptoms, spread and management. [PDF]

Fabraea Leaf Spot of Pear:: I. Introduction: Susceptible pear cultivars affected by Fabraea leaf spot often are defoliated by midsummer, resulting in dwarfing of fruit and reduction of fruit buds. Infected fruit is worthless since it is usually cracked, disfigured, or misshapen. In the nursery, early defoliation and twig infection result in stunted growth of trees. II. Symptoms: Leaf spot can be found on petioles, leaves, shoots and fruits. Initial lesions on leaves are

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