Water Quality and Health Council

Water Quality and Health Council Related

Wheat Quality Council:: Goal is to improve the value of all U.S. wheat classes for producers, millers, and processors of wheat.

Regional Air Quality Council - Denver, CO:: Includes info on air quality planning, trends, projections, Blueprint for Clean Air, Corporate Alliance for Better Air, and legislative updates.

Water Quality Handbook for Nurseries:: Information on nursery management practices including water quality, best management, nutritional management, irrigation, IPM, pesticides, capturing and recycling water, and doing an environmental audit. [PDF]

Bibliography on MTBE and Water Quality:: Searchable database of technical reference citations, by US Geological Survey.

Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona:: The Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona (ABWC) is a not for profit trade association whose membership represents the entire agricultural community from Ditchbank to Dinner Plate in Arizona. ABWC was established in 1978 to respond to proposed water legislation and to serve as the State’s Reclamation representative to the National Water Resources Association. Its members are comprised of growers, ranchers, suppliers of equipment, seed, chemic

Tillage Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection in Southeastern Minnesota:: Article provided by the University of Minnesota extension covering tillage, erosion control and research findings.

International Council of Bottled Water Associations:: Trade organization for the international bottled water industry. Statistics, information on international standards, events, news and FAQ.

Children's Environmental Health Information Resources for Public Health Professionals:: National Network of Libraries of Medicine project to provide public health professionals with access to information resources.

Aquatic Health Resources Aquaculture Fish Health Products:: Disease management for the fish farming industry. Products, services, and contacts.

Washington State Department of Health Environmental Health Programs:: Work with local governments and other agencies in the areas of safe drinking water, food and shell fish safety, radiation safety, wastewater management, pesticide exposures, vector borne diseases and general sanitation.

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