Lead and Human Health

Lead and Human Health Related

Pesticides, Human Health and the Environment:: Integrated Pest Management and Policy.

WHO: Climate Change and Human Health:: Provides links to much detailed information on climate change science and the health implications of global warming.

Child Lead Poisoning and the Lead Industry:: Provides a history of child lead poisoning in the U.S. and the role of the lead paint industry.

Children's Environmental Health Information Resources for Public Health Professionals:: National Network of Libraries of Medicine project to provide public health professionals with access to information resources.

Aquatic Health Resources Aquaculture Fish Health Products:: Disease management for the fish farming industry. Products, services, and contacts.

Washington State Department of Health Environmental Health Programs:: Work with local governments and other agencies in the areas of safe drinking water, food and shell fish safety, radiation safety, wastewater management, pesticide exposures, vector borne diseases and general sanitation.

Public Health Agency of Canada: Environment and Health:: Provides information on environmental health. Includes resources for professionals, educators and the public and frequently asked questions on pesticides.

Lead Test:: Offers lead paint testing as well as home inspection services for lead. Sells products to remediate lead based paints.

The LEAD Group Inc:: Organization aiming to eliminate childhood and foetal lead poisoning in Australia by the year 2012 and to protect the environment from lead. Includes fact sheets, news articles, and other resources.

LEAD Pakistan:: Offering environmental training courses to raise awareness and build commitment of professionals.

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Child Lead Poisoning and the Lead Industry
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