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Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS):: EMS was established in 2002 by Steve Roberts. We are based at the historic President Buildings in Sheffield. Our senior staff have years of experience in environmental services to industry. We deliver results to enable you to reach your environmental goals. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that regulations and environmental goals are met. We listen, audit and diagnose client needs to then put strategic solutions in place, whether

Aphid Monitoring:: Aphids can transmit Potato Virus Y which is a serious threat to potato crops. The British Potato Council offers a service monitoring this pest to help in decision making on insecticide use.

Oecos: Insect Monitoring:: Offers pheromone systems, traps and lures for insect monitoring and control, for agriculture and crops under glass.

Monitoring and Early Warning:: Maps providing monthly updated, near real time, distributed information on rainfall, actual evapotranspiration, radiation, drought and desertification indices, and crop yield forecasts for Africa and Europe. Includes methodology discussions and links to similar resources.

Towards European Biodiversity Monitoring:: Report on creating a platform for the coordination of biodiversity monitoring in Europe. [PDF]

Hi-Q Air Monitoring Systems:: Manufacturer of air monitoring equipment, remote monitoring systems and air sampling services. Provide air samplers, air flow calibrators, filter papers and holders, emergency response kits and stack and fume hood sampling systems.

Environmental Monitoring Services:: Environmental Monitoring Services (EMServices) is a Geoprobe / Direct Push, Drilling and Environmental Field Sampling Service Provider located in Atlanta, Georgia. We conduct geoprobe / direct push sampling, drilling, soil gas and groundwater sampling services in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. We understand that the data from the collection of environmental samples is the foundation of decisions made in our industry. We also know that writin

Environmental Monitoring Systems, Inc.:: A worldwide provider and manufacturer of environmental products, equipment and supplies. Environmental Monitoring Systems, Inc. (ems) is a worldwide provider and manufacturer of environmental products, equipment and supplies for the lead, asbestos, IAQ (indoor air quality) and mold detection, abatement, and prevention industries. Privately held since the company’s inception in 1994, ems has emerged as an industry leader and is widely recogn

Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, Inc.:: Founded in 1984, Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, Inc. is a leader in providing full-service analytical laboratory and field sampling services for our local, national, and global clients. EMT strives to comply with the myriad of environmental regulations that impact our clients' operations, including CCDD, CWA, NPDES, RCRA, CAA, SDWA and Consumer Products such as RoHS, REACH, and CPSIA, among others. EMT's accreditations and certificati

New Jersey's Air Monitoring:: New Jersey's Air Monitoring Web Site! The site has the latest air quality data and forecasts for New Jersey. Explore the website, we update pages hourly, every day, around the clock.

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