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Blackburn Brokerage:: Independent food and non-food broker to the wholesale and retail trade in west Texas and New Mexico.

Blackburn Forge, Inc. Farrier Service:: Does your horse have a problem picking up its feet for the farrier? No matter what the individual horse's situation - neglected, abused, rank, dangerous, crippled, young, old or spoiled; EACH HORSE deserves a chance to trust a farrier. Sometimes horses need a farrier that can communicate with them to develop respect and trust. No one should need drugs, chains, a twitch, a clicker, or a Noavel Headstall to pick up your horse's feet. THIS FARRIE

Guidelines for Soil Sampling:: Provides information on taking representative samples, sampling equipment, timing and handling samples.

Soil Sampling for Precision Agriculture:: Provides guidance on basic sampling principles to provide the necessary information for variable rate fertilizer application. [PDF]

Best Environmental Subsurface Sampling Technologies, Inc.:: Suppliers of soil, soil-gas and groundwater sampling devices that utilize inert gas technologies to minimize VOC loss.

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