European Timber Regulation

European Timber Regulation Related

Unmuessig Timber:: Supplies beechwood and other European hardwoods, sawn timber as well as logs.

Russian Informational resource on the timber and forestry industry in Russia. Includes geography, timber classifications and standards, ecology and forestry reports .

M & M Timber Co Ltd:: Manufacturer of round timber and market leader in the supply of landscaping timber. Europe.

Timber Line:: Tyne and Wear - For Timber , Sheds , Decking ,Summerhouses and Fencing. Located in UK

Timber market:: Dealwood - wood trading portal. Dealwood portal created by a group of specialists in woodworking and timber trade. Timber export from wood-producers and wood-trading companies, woodworking industries, wood export, wood import on 'Dealwood'. Our goal - to provide opportunities for companies from different countries communicate with each other and expand the market for its products.

Malaysian Timber Council:: Working to ensure the sustainability of the Malaysian timber industry by improving its competitiveness, enhancing market access and creating trade opportunities.

Fibermax Timber Corporation:: Diversified forest products company specializing in logging and log production. Features log price list plus surplus equipment and land for sale. Based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Muskoka Timber Mills:: Produces Canadian timber and custom mills lumber and logs for log homes for customers worldwide.

Taner Timber Company:: Sells Applachian hardwood veneer and saw logs to overseas buyers.

Djarilmari Timber Products:: Wholesale timber merchants, specializing in exotic Western Australian hardwoods. Located in Denmark, Western Australia.

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