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Photos Frost:: Cake decorating systems, frosting sheets, edible ink cartridges. Manufacturer direct systems and supplies.

Frost Waterfowl Trust:: Offering mallard ducks and consulting on managing habitat and release programs. Located in Georgetown, SC, USA.

Crop Protection:: Helping Feed a Hungry World and Advancing Agriculture. One-sixth of the world population, or over 900 million people, suffers from malnutrition. Agricultural output has to double in the next 20-30 years in order to feed the world’s population. By 2030, the United Nations predicts there are likely to be 1.7 billion more mouths to feed. Farmers must have access to crop protection solutions to grow more food per acre. Crop protection products k

Environmental Protection UK:: Environmental Protection UK is a national charity that provides expert policy analysis and advice on air quality, land quality, waste and noise and their effects on people and communities in terms of a wide range of issues including public health, planning, transport, energy and climate. We offer clear and critical analysis of UK government and European Union policy proposals through a range of high-quality publications and expert-led events, as

Forest Protection Limited:: Provides services and aircrafts for fire, vegetation and pest management, airborne weather collection, aerial granular spreading, surveys, DGPS/GIS mapping, aerial photography and inspections.

Mountain Gorilla Protection:: The purpose of this project is to provide a digitized database of the mountain gorilla habitat. The database will include layers of information that contain vegetation patterns, gorilla ranging and human use of gorilla habitat.

Wildlife Protection Foundation:: Works to save endangered species all over the world. Includes details of objectives, projects, funding, the adopt an animal scheme and the newsletter.

Total EMF Protection:: Offers products to protect the user from all types of electromagnetic radiation. Includes information on electromagnetic fields and the hazards they cause.

U.S. NRC Radiation Protection:: Nuclear Regulatory Commission information on health physics topics, dose standards and emergency response.

Center for Watershed Protection:: Independent research and technical support to professionals to find new, cooperative ways of protecting and restoring our nation's watersheds.

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