South Carolina Phytoplankton Monitoring Network Related

South Carolina Beekeepers Association:: Provides information on meetings and membership, the officers, breaking news, local associations, the Master Beekeeper Program and the newsletter.

South Carolina Wildlife Federation:: Dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the state of South Carolina.

South Carolina Meat Goat Association:: Association to promote meat goats in South Carolina. Site contains general information about raising goats, links, membership information, and information about upcoming events.

South Carolina Forestry Association (SCFA):: The South Carolina Forestry Association (SCFA) is a private, non-profit organization of individuals and companies dedicated to forest conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. SCFA is a partnership of landowners, loggers, foresters, educators, researchers, conservationists, and sportsmen. They are joined by lumber mills, pulp and paper mills, wood processors, and equipment dealers. The SCFA helps them all deal with common concer

South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA):: The South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) is a state agency established by the South Carolina Legislature in 1879. The commissioner of agriculture, who is elected in the general election every four years, heads the agency. The current commissioner, Hugh Weathers, was elected in 2006. Our mission is to promote and nurture the growth and development of South Carolina's agriculture industry and its related businesses while assuring the buy

South Carolina Environmental Law Project (SCELP):: Nonprofit organization seeking to protect South Carolina environment through legal advocacy.

South Carolina Forestry Commission: Project Learning Tree:: Provides program and workshop resources, grant information, and how to get involved with the Project Learning Tree.

UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network:: Monitors the ecological impact of acid deposition in areas of the United Kingdom believed to be sensitive to acidification.

Netherlands National Air Quality Monitoring Network:: A division of RIVM, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment. Up-to-date, hourly information about air quality in The Netherlands.

Educator's Network Lesson Plans - Earth Day Network:: Find lesson plans on sustainability, climate, energy, natural resources and wildlife, and more.

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