Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)

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Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC):: Located in southern Henry County, Kentucky State University's Environmental Education and Research Center serves students in eight school districts, undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences, and provides an opportunity for faculty to engage in environmental research. The purpose of the Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC) is to protect and enhance 307 acres of Kentucky's wild lands. EERC creates a collaborative learning f

University of North Dakota - Energy and Environmental Research Center:: Specializing in clean, efficent energy technologies and environmental systems that prevent pollution and clean up contaminated air, soil, and water.

CIRENE (Center of Initiative and Research on Energy and the Environment):: Information about syntheses and studies to solve problems of industrial partners regarding greenhouse gases (including taxation, permits for carbon trading, technical-economic studies, feasibility studies for capture and storage of CO2, forecasting studies).

Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies:: Non-governmental organization which studies problems of nuclear weapons reduction.

Center for Environmental Research and Technology:: Provides certification and continuing education classes that meet National Radon Proficiency Program. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Center for Global Environmental Research, Japan:: Conducts diverse research on the consequences of human activities on the earth system. Includes information about capabilities, projects, data, and publications.

Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC):: The Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC) builds environmental leadership and emphasizes the essential role of the natural world in sustainable development. Through the synthesis of research, applied research and education and training, CERC aims to protect biological diversity and cultivate leadership to address the ecological challenges of the 21st century. CERC is a consortium of five world renowned scientific institutio

Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER)::

Agriculture & Energy Resource Center, Inc.:: Non-profit organization promoting sustainable agriculture and renewable energy in northern Wisconsin and the Western Lake Superior region.

Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC):: The Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) is a program of Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), an international non-profit headquartered in Burlington Vermont. BERC assists communities, colleges and universities, state and local governments, businesses, utilities, schools, and others in making the most of their local biomass energy resources. BERC is a project-focused organization whose mission is to achieve a healthier environment, str

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