Human-Environment Systems Group

Human-Environment Systems Group Related

Program for the Human Environment::

Pesticides, Human Health and the Environment:: Integrated Pest Management and Policy.

Human Radiation Effects Group, University of Bristol:: Discusses research in electromagnetic fields, including work on the attachment of corona ions from powerlines to pollutant aerosols and how inhalation of these particles affects human health.

Forest and Environment Group Ltd:: Consulting company providing expertise in the field of forestry, environment and bioenergy. Only private activator in Western-Europe providing maps concerning conservation and moratorium areas of North-West Russia. Based in Finland.

Holland Environment Group:: Specialists in the investigation and decontamination of polluted soil, groundwater and drinking water, including the use of electrokinetic technologies to remediate in-situ soil and groundwater, and electrosedimentation technologies to enhance sedimentation, compaction and dewatering of sludges.

Water Management and Irrigation Systems Group:: Part of the Food and Agriculture Organisation. Presents information on its activities and programmes, including events, on-line publications, software and guidelines.

Human Impacts on Climate:: The updated Position Statement of the American Geophysical Union. Revised and reaffirmed in December 2007. (December, 2003)

Lead and Human Health:: ACSH update on lead and its effects on human health.

WHO: Climate Change and Human Health:: Provides links to much detailed information on climate change science and the health implications of global warming.

Human and Environmental Risk Assessment:: The HERA project is a European voluntary initiative launched by the suppliers and manufacturers, AISE and CEFIC, of household cleaning products to provide a common risk assessment framework. Provides news, risk assessment results and resources.

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