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Environmental Ethics Journal:: An interdiciplinary journal dedicated to the philosophical aspects of environmental problems.

Martin Heidegger and Environmental Ethics:: Paper by Tad Beckman interpreting philosopher Martin Heidegger's thesis about technology and art in the context of forming an ethical approach to the environment.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics:: Advancing a socially responsible value system for the Forest Service that ensures ecologically and economically sustainable resource management.

International Society for Environmental Ethics [ISEE]:: Since 1990, The International Society of Environmental Ethics (ISEE) has striven to advance research and education in the field of environmental ethics and philosophy, and to promote appropriate human use, respect, conservation, preservation, and understanding of the natural world. In conjunction with the International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP) and sponsorship from the Center for Environmental Philosophy, the society hosts a

Harvard Divinity School - Environmental Ethics & Public Policy Program::

Austin Environmental Directory:: The Austin Environmental Directory is meant as a user friendly guide to readers for learning about environmental issues, for identifying and purchasing environmental products, and for becoming involved in environmental organizations. The print version is distributed free to the Austin area. The Directory is edited by Paul Robbins, a longtime environmental activist residing in Austin. He wrote about 60% of the issue, with government agencies and

Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand:: Established by the NZ government's Environment 2010 Strategy to provide environmental education as a means of encouraging responsible behaviour.

Directory of Sites in Occupational and Environmental Health:: Educational resources, FAQ,s and links from Raymond Agius.

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