Leaf Coloration

Leaf Coloration Related

The Fragrant Leaf:: Full-leaf teas, brewing accessories and unique tea gifts.

New Leaf Market:: Tallahassee, Florida. Offering natural and organic foods and products. Includes membership information, class and workshop schedule, recipes, and links to other co-ops.

Strawberry Leaf Diseases:: Fact sheet on these diseases which do not generally cause significant economic damage. Includes photographs and diagrams showing leaf scorch, leaf spot and leaf blight, the symptoms of each and control measures. [PDF]

Strawberry Leaf Spot:: Photograph of a leaf affected by Mycosphaerella fragariae.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch:: Photograph of foliage of an orange tree affected by this disease.

Wheat Leaf Rust:: Photograph of a leaf infected with Puccinia recondita.

Alfalfa Leaf Diseases:: Photographs and information on a number of diseases that affect this crop.

Light Leaf Spot:: Photograph and symptoms of this foliar disease of oilseed rape, its biology and advice on control measures.

Leaf Technology Consultants:: LeafTc provides a specialist service to clients in agricultural industries to promote continuous improvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the supply chain.

Mighty Leaf Tea:: Wide selection of teas from custom blends to loose leaf greens, oolongs, whites, and blacks, plus tisanes, from most tea growing regions around the world.

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