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Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice:: Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice "Protecting CT's Urban Environments.” The mission of Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice is to protect urban environments primarily in Connecticut through educating communities, through promoting changes in local, state, and national policy, and through promoting individual, corporate and governmental responsibility towards our environment. We define environment as including the places

University of Connecticut Center for Environmental Health:: Excellent resource for information on environmental health.

Environmental Learning Centers of Connecticut, Inc. (ELCCT):: Offering environmental education, summer camps, school field trips, and land preservation.

Environmental Professionals' Organization of Connecticut (EPOC):: EPOC was formed to represent the interests of Connecticut’s Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) by providing information, training and updates regarding the LEP program. We have over 500 members representing numerous technical disciplines working in the area of investigation and cleanup of environmentally impacted sites in CT and around the world. Membership is available at a professional level for CT LEPs and a separate associate membe

Environmental Forum of Marin:: Nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of our environment through education.

Environmental Forum of Marin:: Promoting a Sustainable World through Environmental Education. Environmental Forum of Marin is a leader in environmental education, advocacy and public service. The Environmental Forum was established in 1972 by a group of stalwart environmentalists intent upon averting the future of unchecked development in Marin County. Founder Dr. L. Martin ("Marty") Griffin engaged Ellen Straus, Phyllis Faber, Nona Dennis, Kathy Cuneo, and others to convince

Northwest Environmental Forum:: Northwest Environmental Forum - Where people, science, and technology come together to resolve complex environmental and natural resource issues. Focusing On Collaborative Decision Making at the University of Washington College of the Environment School of Forest Resources. The Forum will play a vital role in shaping the future of the physical, natural, and economic environment of the Pacific Northwest, helping specialists and decision makers un

Big Bend Environmental Forum:: The Big Bend Environmental Forum is an alliance of organizations which have come together to conserve the region's environmental qualities through education, advocacy, research and, networking among its members. The following are the primary goals of the Big Bend Environmental Forum: * To identify threats and opportunities to protect and/or enhance the natural resources of the Big Bend Region. * To explore potential courses of action to reso

Connecticut Waterfalls:: Personal catalog, photos, and measurements of natural waterfalls in Connecticut. Includes links hiking and waterfall links.

Connecticut Clearinghouse:: Sound Resources for Healthy Living. Connecticut's Source for Healthy Living Resources. Connecticut Clearinghouse, a program of Wheeler Clinic’s Connecticut Center for Prevention, Wellness and Recovery, is a statewide library and resource center for information on substance use and mental health disorders, prevention and health promotion, treatment and recovery, wellness and other related topics. Materials from our specialized library and resour

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