World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Climate Change Campaign

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Climate Change Campaign Related

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Spain:: Includes publications about Spain's endangered species and WWF's work to protect them and their habitat.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada:: Species and habitat information from the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Circle, plus news of the campaign to reduce chemicals and pesticides.

Earth Day - World Wildlife Fund:: Find ideas for making changes on Earth Day. Learn what WWF is doing to help save endangered species, protect forests, fight the effects of climate change, save our oceans, and preserve fresh water.

Climate Change and Wildlife:: An overview including brief details of the various responses, from changed habits to species decline, of marine and freshwater fish, insects and other invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and birds. [PDF]

BBC World Service - Climate Change:: News and information including global initatives, programmes, special reports, blogs, videos and interactives.

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on World Food Supply:: Detailed analysis of a modeling study of the effects on crop production and its economic implications, coordinated by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, for the US Environmental Protection Agency. Includes quantitative estimates of yield changes of major food, cash and industrial crops, prices, trade, and risk of hunger.

World Environment Day Egypt: 2007 Climate Change - Why Should I Care?:: Cairo's World Environment Day is open to the public and offers games, fun hands-on environmental experiments, informative displays, contests, musical concerts, and refreshments throughout the day.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Special Report: The Regional Impacts of Climate Change:: A detailed assessment of the vulnerability of every region on the planet, in eleven chapters. Annexes examine trends and variations, models, and socio-economic baseline data.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Working Group 1 : The Scientific Basis of Climate Change:: Analyses a body of observations of all parts of the climate system; catalogues increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases; assesses the processes and feedbacks which govern the climate system.

Ocean and Climate Change Institute: Abrupt Climate Change:: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's study of the role of ocean circulation in climate regulation, and research into changing salt levels.

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