Decommissioning Handbook

Decommissioning Handbook Related

Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations:: Aims to bring together details of sites on the environmental impacts of the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations, focussing particularly on drill cuttings piles.

Sugarcane Handbook:: Information on the cultivation of sugarcane in Florida. A Florida Cooperative Extension publication.

Handbook on Poultry Diseases:: Information to assist veterinarians, students, and avian health professionals to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in poultry flocks.

Waterfowl Management Handbook:: Provides a downloadable book giving comprehensive guidance on waterfowl ecology, populations management, wetlands ecology and habitat management.

Organic Farming Compliance Handbook:: Resource guide for US Western region agricultural professionals. Covers principles, standards and systems, materials compliance, economics, and resources. Constructed as multiple PDF documents.

Water Quality Handbook for Nurseries:: Information on nursery management practices including water quality, best management, nutritional management, irrigation, IPM, pesticides, capturing and recycling water, and doing an environmental audit. [PDF]

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