Environmental Analysis Related

Forest Inventory and Analysis:: National program office for U.S. forests; includes database search by a variety of attributes.

ADC Gas Analysis Ltd.:: Supply and manufacture infrared gas analysis equipment for use in: laboratory, emissions control, industrial process control. Full spares and service support.

Pest and Disease Analysis in Hazelnuts:: Information on the pests attacking this crop, the predators of those pests and the harmful and beneficial mite species, with a pest and disease fact sheet. [PDF]

Leaf Analysis of Tree Fruits:: Chemical analysis of foliage can help determine whether the plant is suffering from any nutrient deficiencies. West Virginia University Experimental Farm offers a service to do this. [PDF]

Advanced Dairy Analysis LLC:: Information from Dr. Greg Goodell on profitability management, health monitoring and financial monitoring for your dairy operation in the United States.

Custom Stack Analysis, LLC.:: Has been offering stack emissions testing services worldwide for over 30 years.

V&F Gas Analysis Systems, Inc.:: Providing mass spectrometers to the automotive, process and quality control industries throughout North America, for gas emissions and research and development.

Extinction Risk Analysis for Birds:: Projects related to the ecology and conservation of bird species, involving data analysis on the dynamics of endangered and threatened species, developing models for extinction risk assessment, and performing population viability analysis with habitat-based metapopulation models linked to geographic information systems.

National Gap Analysis Program (U.S.):: A Geographic Approach to Planning for Biological Diversity. Providing regional assessments of the conservation status of native vertebrate species and natural land cover types, to be applied to land management activities.

NAPAP Tracking and Analysis Framework:: National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program. Integrated modeling framework designed to act as a bridge between science and policy.

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