National Institute for Chemical Studies (NICS)

National Institute for Chemical Studies (NICS) Related

National Chemical Safety Program:: Public/private partnership working to promote chemical safety and reduce processing incidents while building public trust through community interaction.

Naturist Studies Institute:: Naturist Studies Institute offers distance learning educational, research, sustainability, and social justice programs.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies:: Works to improve human stewardship of God's creation through its university programs, youth and community outreach, and group retreats.

California Institute for Rural Studies:: Conducts policy research aimed at improving lives, conditions, and economies of rural areas, with a primary focus on agricultural labor markets.

Studies and Papers of the World Phosphate Institute:: Dealing with all aspects of phosphate application and management.

NASA: Goddard Institute for Space Studies:: Includes a spotlight on global warming, and information on their research into the climate and climate modelling.

Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS):: Conducts policy oriented research and offers postgraduate education on pressing global issues, policy development, and learning.

Ethics and Value Studies, National Science Foundation:: Funds projects on environmental ethics

University of Southern California (USC): Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies:: Dedicated to the advancement of environmental education and research. Includes the Wrigley Marine Science Center.

National Fisheries Institute, Inc.:: A trade Association committed to assisting its members to succeed in the global seafood marketplace. Includes articles information and statistics of interest to aquaculturalists, recipes, and a directory of relevant products and services. Other services reserved for members.

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