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Pesticides, Human Health and the Environment:: Integrated Pest Management and Policy.

Human-Environment Systems Group:: In the Human-Environment Systems (HES) group we conduct problem-driven environmental research. Currently we focus on creating a sustainable energy system, and reducing people's vulnerability to climate and other natural hazards. Our mission is to identify those scientific questions that policy makers need answered urgently, and then to answer them, communicating the results clearly and effectively. Our core competencies are in the collection and

National Toxicology Program Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (CERHR):: Resource for the latest information about potentially hazardous effects of chemicals on human reproduction and development.

Tropical Agriculture and Rural Environment Program:: The Tropical Agriculture and Rural Environment Program addresses the interactions between agricultural production, environmental quality, and nutrition and human well-being. Together with our partners, TropAg helps accelerate progress toward food security in Africa while also improving rural livelihoods, human nutrition, and environmental sustainability. We are developing a scientific evidence base, which translates into tools, guidelines, and

Human Impacts on Climate:: The updated Position Statement of the American Geophysical Union. Revised and reaffirmed in December 2007. (December, 2003)

Lead and Human Health:: ACSH update on lead and its effects on human health.

WHO: Climate Change and Human Health:: Provides links to much detailed information on climate change science and the health implications of global warming.

Human and Environmental Risk Assessment:: The HERA project is a European voluntary initiative launched by the suppliers and manufacturers, AISE and CEFIC, of household cleaning products to provide a common risk assessment framework. Provides news, risk assessment results and resources.

Center for Environmental & Human Toxicology:: Serves as the focal point at the University of Florida for activities concerning the effects of chemicals on human and animal health.

School of Human Ecology (SoHE):: The mission of the School of Human Ecology is to understand the complex relationships and interdependence among individuals, groups and families, and to focus on quality-of-life issues through research, creative innovation, education, and outreach. Human Ecology is a systems approach to studying and understanding relationships between humans and their everyday environments. It encompasses social, cultural, economic, and design issues, and it supp

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