Non-Native Invasive Species in the Great Lakes

Non-Native Invasive Species in the Great Lakes Related

Invasive Non-Native Species:: Invasive information from the "Eco-Pros".

Eastern Region Non-Native Invasive Species:: Information about management of exotic plant species in the forests of the northeastern United States.

Non-native Ants: Invasive and Exotic Species:: Presenting the names and geographic distribution data of the known non-native ant species of the world.

Connecticut Policy on Non-Native Invasive Plant Species:: Information provided by the state Department of Environmental Protection control measures, identification and education.

Exotic Species and their Effects on the Great Lakes:: Exotics- learn about nonindigenous creatures that invade the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. - Don't let them hitch a ride with you!

Exotic Species in the Great Lakes Basin:: From the Great Lakes Information Network, a comprehensive collection of research publications and education materials covering aquatic nuisance species.

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Nonindigenous Species Program:: Examining the role of the zebra mussel in promoting nuisance blooms of the potentially toxic blue-green alga Microcystis on Saginaw Bay and the effects of these blooms on the ecosystem and the mussels themselves.

Great Lakes Ranch:: Breeds llamas, Suri alpacas, and owns some Tibetan yaks.

Great Lakes Chocolate:: Providing truffles, hard candies, caramel pecan patties, barks, creams, and fudge, plus sugar free confections and gifts.

Great Lakes Ag-Research Service:: Specialists in Contracted Field Research. Also offers GLP, biotech studies and pesticide efficacy trials in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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