Invasive Exotic Species

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Invasive and Exotic Species of North America:: Provides extensive information on all kinds of invasive species in North America.

Non-native Ants: Invasive and Exotic Species:: Presenting the names and geographic distribution data of the known non-native ant species of the world.

Exotic and Invasive Species on the Colorado Plateau:: Discusses the introduction of saltcedar and cheatgrass, two of the most prevalent and problematic exotics in the region.

Exotic and Invasive Pests:: Provides information on insects and other arthropods, plant diseases, weeds and unwanted aquatic species that have arrived in California from elsewhere in the world.

Exotic Species and their Effects on the Great Lakes:: Exotics- learn about nonindigenous creatures that invade the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. - Don't let them hitch a ride with you!

Exotic Species in the Great Lakes Basin:: From the Great Lakes Information Network, a comprehensive collection of research publications and education materials covering aquatic nuisance species.

Invasive Non-Native Species:: Invasive information from the "Eco-Pros".

Invasive Species Weblog:: Covering everything from legal issues, to early detection warnings, to the use of invasive species in marketable products.

Guide to the Exotic Species of San Francisco Bay:: Identifies, profiles, and monitors invasive non-native species.

Invasive Species Mapping Program:: Project at Princeton University to produce high resolution maps of kudzu, cogongrass and privet across the Southeast U.S.

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