Putah-Cache Bioregion Project - University of California at Davis

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University of California, Davis -Center for Water and Wildland Resources:: Charged with stimulating and coordinating research and information dissemination on a wide variety of issues related to the natural resources of California.

Global Change Project - University of Michigan:: Interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate science and social science education.

Organic Growing - University of California:: This page gives a list of links to PDF documents on organic growing. Topics include organic certification, soil management, weed management, pest management, insect management and postharvest handling.

UC IPM Online - University of California:: Wide ranging approach on all aspects of integrated pest management (IPM) principles including degree-days, weather data, pesticide labels and a weed photo gallery. Includes advice on pest monitoring techniques, chemical control measures, as well as non-pesticide alternatives.

Vegetable Diseases - University of California:: Notes on a number of vegetable diseases.

Greenhouse Information: University of California:: Page contains links to several PDF documents including "Year Round Gardening with a Greenhouse", "Greenhouse Vegetable Production", "Small Plastic Greenhouses" and "Whiteflies in the Greenhouse".

University of California Cooperative Extension:: Offers educational programs throughout California in the areas of farm management, 4-H, nutrition, and family and consumer sciences. Page includes list of programs and county offices.

Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley:: Integrates environmental sustainability with existing campus programs in education, research, operations, and public service.

Cooperative Forest Genetics Research Project - University of Florida:: Develops genetically-improved varieties of southern pines for the reforestation of harvested timberlands in the lower coastal plain of the southern United States. Provides technical assistance, research support and educational resources.

University of California Poultry Web Page:: Publications, leaflets, symposium proceedings, and special publications on poultry management, care, breeding, flock selection, veterinary care, and many topics.

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