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Environment Directory:: The environment directory is a comprehensive guide to environmental technologies, products and services available from companies operating in Australia. It gives you access to a vast array of information on everything from water treatment to solar energy and sustainable resource use. The companies listed on the directory can provide solutions to your environmental problems and help your business to meet its triple bottom line objectives of econom

Alternatives for Community and Environment:: Working in partnership with low income communities and communities of color to achieve environmental justice.

Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government:: Our Mission is to pursue sustainable development. In pursuing this mission our goals are to: * contribute to national recovery through the timely delivery of our policies and programmes especially in support of job creation; * contribute to public service reform; * ensure good quality housing in sustainable communities; * protect and improve water resources and the quality of drinking water; * achieve a high quality environment with ef

Wikipedia : Bioregionalism:: Bioregionalism is a political, cultural, and environmental system or set of views based on naturally-defined areas called bioregions, or ecoregions. Bioregions are defined through physical and environmental features, including watershed boundaries and soil and terrain characteristics. Bioregionalism stresses that the determination of a bioregion is also a cultural phenomenon, and emphasizes local populations, knowledge, and solutions. Details inf

Property Rights and Bioregionalism:: Article looking at how Third World citizens' attempts to protect their property rights are strikingly similar to those espoused by bioregionalists.

Women in Agriculture: Bioregionalism:: Transcript from the program with Doctor Daniell Worth, a Professor of environmental science, and Gloria Pelesa from the Department of Energy.

Community to Community Development:: Community to Community Development is a place based, women-led grassroots organization working for a just society and healthy communities. We are committed to systemic change and to creating strategic alliances that strengthen local and global movements towards social, economic and environmental justice. We come together with reverence and respect to build social justice movements. We are grounded in the belief that “Another world is not only p

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