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Alternative Data Sources for Women's Work in Agriculture:: Examines gathering of statistical data and the conduct of research studies on all issues related to women in agricultural development.

Wikipedia : Bioregionalism:: Bioregionalism is a political, cultural, and environmental system or set of views based on naturally-defined areas called bioregions, or ecoregions. Bioregions are defined through physical and environmental features, including watershed boundaries and soil and terrain characteristics. Bioregionalism stresses that the determination of a bioregion is also a cultural phenomenon, and emphasizes local populations, knowledge, and solutions. Details inf

Property Rights and Bioregionalism:: Article looking at how Third World citizens' attempts to protect their property rights are strikingly similar to those espoused by bioregionalists.

Web Directory: Environment, Community & Bioregionalism::

Women's Environmental Network:: WEN was founded in 1988 by pioneers of the environmental justice movement, inspiring and dedicated women who recognised that saving the planet is about social justice and human rights. They called for a different way of thinking about and acting on environmental issues, and their voices echo down the decades to our work today.

American Agri Women (AAW):: National coalition works on areas of interest, such as governmental economic policy and environmental issues. Page lists the mission statement, affiliate organizations, meetings, committee chairpersons and executive officers.

Association of Women Soil Scientists:: Supporting and encouraging women in soil science. Membership, meetings, newsletter, committees, links and shop.

Women's Food and Farming Union:: Promotes the exchange of ideas between the producer, the food industry and the consumer, to understand and address the concerns of consumers.

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID):: International membership organization committed to gender equality, sustainable development, and women's human rights.

Statistics on Women Obtained Through National Agricultural Censuses and Sample Surveys:: Guidelines referring to improvements in the collection, production and dissemination of statistics on women that can be obtained through national agricultural census and survey programmes.

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