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Squirrel Ban:: Squirrel Proof Bird Food for your garden birds. First and foremost squirrel ban is a high-quality, highly nutritional mix of bird feed containing kibbled maize, red dari, wheat, black sunflower, small striped sunflower, white millet, chopped peanuts, red millet and Cillimega. Squirrel Ban fills a market niche for the many people that are driven mad by squirrels robbing the bird food and breaking the bird feeders. We all know there are squirrel pr

Ban Online reference for concerned consumers and end users of Copper Chromated Arsenate (CCA) pressure treated wood. Provides health hazard information and links on the health hazards of CCA, arsenic and chromium exposure.

Shark Foundation:: International organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of endangered species. Find mission statement, information on lectures, tours and current research projects.

The Shark Trust:: Organization dedicated to the conservation of species in general, including rays and skates. Find news, photos, information on joining and making donations.

Shark Safe Network:: Organizes campaigns to reduce and eliminate wasteful and unsustainable activities and products that threaten the survival of sharks.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation:: To help address the lack of data, and contribute to public awareness of the issues involved in shark conservation, the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation (PSRF) was formed as a nonprofit research and education group in 1990.

Shark Conservation and Ecology Research:: Information on DNA forensics and monitoring the fin trade from a project being conducted at the Guy Harvey Research Institute in Florida. Find information on current activities and how to participate in the research effort.

Commercial Shark Fishery Observer Program:: Observe and report on commercial shark fishery vessels' catch content.

Sympathy for the Devil (White Shark Conservation):: Article by R. Aidan Martin discusses international conservation efforts aimed at protecting the species. Includes a summary of species ecology and photographs.

Sharkkbait's Shark Conservation and Home Page:: Essay dispels common myths and misconceptions about attacks. Also discusses the role the predator plays in maintaining balance in ecosystems.

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