EEBA : The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance

EEBA : The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance Related

Green Building Alliance:: Nonprofit organization that works to improve the economic, social and environmental performance of the Pittsburgh region through the integration of green building practices into regional development projects.

Wisconsin Green Building Alliance:: Facilitating and promoting the development and use of ecologically sustainable materials and practices within Wisconsin's Built environment.

Arctic Energy Alliance:: Nonprofit society that seeks to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of energy and utility services in the Northwest Territories.

Environmental Building News:: Monthly periodical on environmentally responsible design and construction.

Environmental Building Design and Construction Portal:: Provides information for designers and builders on environmental design, eco-construction products, environmental organizations, and other green building resources.

Commercial Building Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality:: Explains about research that is being performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Offers explanation of ventilation rates, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), sick building syndrome, and particle filtration. Page includes information about projects, publications, and staff.

Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility (BIPER):: Formed in 1995 to develop solutions to environmental problems related to the construction industry.

Energy & Environmental Consultants, Inc.:: Energy Environmental Consultants, Inc (EEC) is an energy conservation and environmental consulting firm specializing in the forensic identification to determine inadequacies, malfunctions and deterioration of structures, equipment and their operation through evaluation and analysis.

Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.:: With offices in the U.S. and Canada, E3 (Energy, Environment, Economics) specializes in North American electricity markets. Founded in 1989, the firm advises utilities, regulators, government agencies, power producers, energy technology companies, and investors on a wide range of critical issues in the electricity and natural gas industries. E3 employees bring a deep understanding of analytical techniques and electricity industry economics to pro

Environmental Energy Services (EES):: Fuel additives, advanced treatment systems, gas analyzers, and other products and services for enhancing combustion efficiency and reducing emissions.

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