Huggin Trees Inc.

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Men of the Trees, Inc.:: Non-profit organisation promoting community involvement in seed collecting, propagation, re-vegetation and aftercare. Provides details of current programs, calendar of events, and locations in Western Australia.

Apple Trees:: Instructions on choosing and growing these fruit trees with information on rootstocks, varieties, pollination, pruning and care.

Nut Trees:: Information on several different types of nut tree suitable for growing in Ontario.

Shamrock Trees:: Sells and distributes trees and shrubs throughout Europe.

Bean Trees:: Organic coffee and food service for the business community. Online mail order for consumers.

BL Christmas Trees:: Producers and wholesaler of Fraser fir and Balsam fir Christmas trees for world distribution.

Treasured Trees:: Treasured Trees enables individuals and companies to sponsor tree planting in deprived countries as conscience gifts, to mark special occasions or in memory of loved ones and in this way to offset their carbon footprint.

British Trees:: Guide to the native trees of Britain, plus links to other web resources on forestry and conservation of British Native trees, including forest conservation organizations.

The Man of the Trees:: Ecologist Richard St. Barbe Baker, (1889-1982), was the world's greatest forester. He was responsible for the planting of more trees than anyone else in history.

Trees for Life:: A Scottish conservation charity dedicated to the regeneration and restoration of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland

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