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NASA Earth Observatory - Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico:: Gallery of images showing the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, beginning April 21, 2010.

NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO):: Learn about the Orbiting Carbon Observatory designed to collect precise global measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere.

NASA - NASA Imagery of Oil Spill:: Official government satellite images.

Observatory Rock Bison Ranch:: Recipes, breeding stock, pictures, and history from this Bison Ranch. (Jefferson, Colorado)

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory:: Mission is the conservation of Rocky Mountain and Great Plains birds and their habitats through research, monitoring, education, and outreach.

The Sahara and the Sahel Observatory (OSS):: Details about mission, objectives and structure of OSS, an organization striving to build up an African arena for cooperation and exchange to combat desertification and poverty. Available in English and French.

Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory:: Nonprofit scientific and educational organization offering interactive exhibits, astronomy programs, classes, and special events for the whole family.

Caring For Earth and Earth Day Theme Unit:: offers a variety of Earth Day printables, lesson plans, and other Earth Day activities for teachers to use in the classroom.

Earth Crash Earth Spirit (ECES):: Koyannisqatsi - life out of balance. There's a limit to how much bulldozing, deforestation, pollution, and other human impacts Earth can take. Articles, forums, gallery, and more.

NASA Climate News:: The latest research on global warming, urban heat islands, lightning, and more.

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