National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP)

National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) Related

National Registry of Environmental Professionals:: Provides legal and professional recognition of education, training, and experience.

Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals:: Provides a virtual exchange of environmental information, chapter meetings, social activities, conferences, newsletter, and more.

The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals:: Outline of test for membership, methods of study, information for trainers, and contact details.

National Environmental Health Association:: NEHA offers a variety of programs, education, employment opportunities, and various other products and services to those in the environmental field.

National Association for Environmental Management:: Not-for profit, non-advocacy association of professional environmental managers dedicated to advancing and promoting sound environmental management principles.

Environmental Professionals Organization:: Multi-disciplinary educational forum for environmental professionals in California.

Metropolitan Washington Environmental Professionals:: Promotes contacts among interested persons in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Membership includes scientists, lawyers, activists, regulators, consultants, and others.

Environmental Professionals' Organization of Connecticut (EPOC):: EPOC was formed to represent the interests of Connecticut’s Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) by providing information, training and updates regarding the LEP program. We have over 500 members representing numerous technical disciplines working in the area of investigation and cleanup of environmentally impacted sites in CT and around the world. Membership is available at a professional level for CT LEPs and a separate associate membe

Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility (BIPER):: Formed in 1995 to develop solutions to environmental problems related to the construction industry.

Florida Association of Envrionmental Professionals:: Providing information and networking to Florida's environmental professionals.

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International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics (IJMAE)
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