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Children's Environmental Health Network:: The CEHN is a national multidisciplinary project whose purpose is to protect the health of children as it relates to environmental hazards.

Nature Worldwide: Monitoring Nature:: Provides a comprehensive monitoring database for storing ecological and management data, also provides tools and manuals for downloading.

Nature New York's Nature (NNYN):: Not-for-profit foundation dedicated to creating public awareness of the importance of nurturing New York's nature for the health and well being of the City's inhabitants.

Beekeeping and Children:: Information about bees and beekeeping: activities, safety, harvesting honey, and recipes. Presented by a 4-H club in California.

Beekeeping and Children:: Beekeeping and Children : Children can now start beekeeping in 4-H officially at age 5. The most important thing to remember is safety. Be sure the children are properly suited up anytime they are working directly with bees. Also caution children to handle dead bees carefully. It sounds strange but a dead bee can "sting." This actually happened to one of our young beekeepers much to his surprise. It is best to have liquid antihistamines at hand j

Solace for the Children:: Solace for the Children provides medical care, as well as education and leadership development for the children of war-torn countries. Since 1997, our organization has been inspiring volunteers to take children into their homes and see that they have their critical medical needs met. Mission and Values: Solace for the Children is building peace on a foundation of health by establishing international partnerships providing medical care, education

Children's Environmental Health:: Minnesota Department of Health information to protect the health of children as it relates to environmental hazards.

Our Children's Earth Foundation:: Work to protect the public, especially children, from the health impacts of pollution in California. Information on campaigns, events and news.

ATSDR - Office of Children's Health:: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry with specialized information on the toxicology of children. Provides ongoing examination of relevant child health issues like cancer and hazardous waste sites.

Institute for Children's Environmental Health:: The primary mission of ICEH is to mitigate environmental exposures that can undermine the health and well-being of children and to detoxify environments wherever children spend time.

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