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Solar Building Design:: Article by Steven Heckeroth in the Backwoods Home Magazine presenting four projects harnessing the sun's energy.

Daylighting - Whole Building Design Guide:: Discusses the benefits and different designs used in daylighting, the controlled admission of natural light into a space through windows to reduce or eliminate electric lighting.

Environmental & Construction Management Services, Inc.:: Boston, MA, environmental consulting firm.

Environmental Building News:: Monthly periodical on environmentally responsible design and construction.

EEBA : The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance:: The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) provides an invaluable platform for insight, collaboration and education. EEBA delivers unique and relevant, multi-platform educational resources with the intention to manifest sustainable and responsible building principles in the design, marketing and execution of the building process. EEBA MISSION STATEMENT : To provide education and resources to transform the residential design, developm

Commercial Building Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality:: Explains about research that is being performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Offers explanation of ventilation rates, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), sick building syndrome, and particle filtration. Page includes information about projects, publications, and staff.

Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility (BIPER):: Formed in 1995 to develop solutions to environmental problems related to the construction industry.

Residential Environmental Design:: Provides articles, product reviews, and resources for green architects and homeowners.

Euroforest Portal:: Provides access to a range of information catalogued by subject or topic and covering most of Europe.

Grecon Construction Ltd.:: Offering greenhouses, replacement glass, shade and heat retention systems. Includes employee and project information.

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