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International Fur Trade Federation:: An independent international federation of national fur trade associations and organisations, dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all fur-bearing animals.

Unmuessig Timber:: Supplies beechwood and other European hardwoods, sawn timber as well as logs.

Russian Timber.com:: Informational resource on the timber and forestry industry in Russia. Includes geography, timber classifications and standards, ecology and forestry reports .

M & M Timber Co Ltd:: Manufacturer of round timber and market leader in the supply of landscaping timber. Europe.

Timber Line:: Tyne and Wear - For Timber , Sheds , Decking ,Summerhouses and Fencing. Located in UK

Timber market:: Dealwood - wood trading portal. Dealwood portal created by a group of specialists in woodworking and timber trade. Timber export from wood-producers and wood-trading companies, woodworking industries, wood export, wood import on 'Dealwood'. Our goal - to provide opportunities for companies from different countries communicate with each other and expand the market for its products.

Malaysian Timber Council:: Working to ensure the sustainability of the Malaysian timber industry by improving its competitiveness, enhancing market access and creating trade opportunities.

Fibermax Timber Corporation:: Diversified forest products company specializing in logging and log production. Features log price list plus surplus equipment and land for sale. Based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Muskoka Timber Mills:: Produces Canadian timber and custom mills lumber and logs for log homes for customers worldwide.

Taner Timber Company:: Sells Applachian hardwood veneer and saw logs to overseas buyers.

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