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Atomic Energy Industrial Lab (AEIL):: Houston, Texas based company provides radiation safety (health physics) services to the medical, industrial and research community. Services include dosimetry (film and TLD badges), leak and wipe test analysis for radioactive materials, and portable survey instrument calibrations.

Fire and Mountain Ecology Lab Home Page:: Conducts ecological and sociological research in National Parks and other Protected Areas of the Pacific Northwest

Industrial Ecology:: Industrial Ecology promotes enhanced sustainability by stimulating innovations in the reuse of waste materials. The wastes or by-products of one industry are used as inputs in another industry, thereby closing the material loop of industrial systems and minimizing waste. * Waste and by-products must be reused as input materials in a systematic way to close the material cycle as efficiently as possible; * Loss caused by dispersion must b

Industrial Ecology Compendium:: Describes the background of industrial ecology, defines its main attributes, and puts it in the perspectives of an academic discipline and a field of ecology.

Center for Industrial Ecology:: Yale University's School of Forestry & Environmental Studies' Center for Industrial Ecology was established in September 1998 to provide an organizational focus for research in industrial ecology. The Center brings together Yale staff, students, visiting scholars, and practitioners to develop new knowledge at the forefront of the field. Research is carried out in collaboration with other segments of the Yale community, other academic institutions

Industrial Ecology Co LLC:: The Industrial Ecology Co LLC was developed in 2005 to initially provide Energy Efficient lighting for Industrial and Commercial customers. After 39 years in the lighting industry (Philips Lighting and Westinghouse Lamp Division). Paul Walitsky retired from Philips and formed The Industrial Ecology Co LLC. The Industrial Ecology Co LLC is registered in New Jersey as a small business (47693-20). It is one of the participants in the New Jersey Stat

The Bee Lab:: University of Minnesota Extension site has manuals and guides, public and academic courses, and description of their research.

Flagstaff Lab:: We are a field lab of the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Station is focused around seven Research Program areas. Programs are geographically dispersed across the station territory - links may take you to other Station web sites. To contact the web steward for any page on our site click on the "Contact Us!" link at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left of the screen.

Lab Comparisons:: Compares IAQ, microbiology and industrial hygiene laboratories based on customer reviews, pricing and accreditations. Includes mold, asbestos, lead, and radon labs.

Alpha Lab:: Provide information on radon gas, UK radon maps and fast-track radon gas testing kits.

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