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Sustainable Development:: Sustainable Development Software and the Environment By Kevin Tate. My goal is to spark discussion on sustainability, the ability to maintain a pace indefinitely, as it applies to both software development and the environment. The need for sustainability in these areas reflects my core beliefs for work and everyday life. In software (my work), sustainable development means having a mindset that allows a software team to build great products th

Sustainable Development:: The Goodnight Family Sustainable Development (SD) Department is the oldest Sustainable Development program in the country. Established in 1991, we offer students the following: A unique opportunity to explore concepts from social and natural sciences, as well as the humanities; Large teaching and research farm offering student residency; Opportunities for community involvement to extend learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Mission

WFUNA: Sustainable Development:: WFUNA's work in sustainable development focuses on climate change and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Achieving the MDGs has become a key priority for the United Nations, and WFUNA’s related activities support this focus by working toward the achievement of the MDGs as a whole and aiming to help fight climate change.

Biodiversity and Sustainable Development:: Provides information on this module of the MSc course in Ecology and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences, Moldova State University.

Sustainable Development Institute:: Highlights positive examples of communities as custodians protecting forests from destruction and degradation.

Sustainable Development International:: Designed to inform and educate policy and decision makers world wide on sustainable technologies and strategies.

Sustainable Development Initiative:: Working to integrate educational program resources that focus on linking entrepreneurship, workforce enhancement, community capacity building, the green industry, technology transfer, regional sustainability and the food economy into a holistic approach to reach sustainable community goals. • Vision Provide access to university resources and emphasize the development of creative processes to assist communities as they approach sustainable d

Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives:: The CSDI is a non-governmental organisation dealing with sustainable natural resource development in the drylands of Kenya, concentrating on the three main themes of water, livelihoods and health.

Mamirau Sustainable Development Reserve:: The Mamirau Project in Brazil, a non-profit NGO combining research and sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Department - FAO:: Information on environment and sustainable development; biodiversity, natural resources management, gender, population, land tenure and energy.

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