Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley

Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley Related

Radon Project of Columbia University and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.:: Uses information about location of home, and house construction, to suggest whether or not to test for radon.

Hamburg University: Sustainability and Global Change:: Multi-disciplinary research and education on human-induced environmental change, sponsored by Departments of Geosciences and Economics.

Organic Growing - University of California:: This page gives a list of links to PDF documents on organic growing. Topics include organic certification, soil management, weed management, pest management, insect management and postharvest handling.

UC IPM Online - University of California:: Wide ranging approach on all aspects of integrated pest management (IPM) principles including degree-days, weather data, pesticide labels and a weed photo gallery. Includes advice on pest monitoring techniques, chemical control measures, as well as non-pesticide alternatives.

Vegetable Diseases - University of California:: Notes on a number of vegetable diseases.

Greenhouse Information: University of California:: Page contains links to several PDF documents including "Year Round Gardening with a Greenhouse", "Greenhouse Vegetable Production", "Small Plastic Greenhouses" and "Whiteflies in the Greenhouse".

University of California Cooperative Extension:: Offers educational programs throughout California in the areas of farm management, 4-H, nutrition, and family and consumer sciences. Page includes list of programs and county offices.

University of California Poultry Web Page:: Publications, leaflets, symposium proceedings, and special publications on poultry management, care, breeding, flock selection, veterinary care, and many topics.

University of California Pest Management Guidelines: Turfgrass:: Articles and photos of weeds, diseases, insects, mites, and nematodes. Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Project.

Putah-Cache Bioregion Project - University of California at Davis:: Working to develop foundations for community planning, resource management, and partnerships in the watershed.

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