The Association For Redevelopment Initiatives

The Association For Redevelopment Initiatives Related

IDRC Program Initiatives:: Sustainable use of biodiversity

Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives:: The CSDI is a non-governmental organisation dealing with sustainable natural resource development in the drylands of Kenya, concentrating on the three main themes of water, livelihoods and health.

Mid Atlantic Limousin Association Association:: Also hosting the Pennsylvania and Virginia Limousin Breeders Associations.

New York Christmas Tree Growers Association Growers' Association:: Real Christmas Trees in New York

Sugar Association of London and Refined Sugar Association:: Establishes rules for the proper conduct of the sugar trade, provides arbitration, and arranges for training seminars.

4C Association:: 4C Association for a better Coffee world. The coffee sector is confronted with many pressing issues: climate change, lack of interest from the next generation of coffee growers, aging coffee trees, and inadequate finance or land to name a few. There are no easy answers to the sustainability challenges threatening coffee supplies. What is clear is that when all actors cooperate, solutions become easier. The 4C Association is about making cooperati

Arboricultural Association:: Promotes care and knowledge of trees in the UK. Details of activities, members, and journal.

Soil Association:: Campaigning for organic food and farming and sustainable forestry. Document library covering organic issues.

The Irrigation Association:: Updates on irrigation equipment. Handbooks and tips.

Kamut Association:: Promotes use and production of Kamut, and education on organic agriculture.

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