Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project

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Onondaga Lake Improvement Project:: Offers information about the Onondaga County Department of Drainage and Sanitation program to improve wastewater treatment and its impacts on Onondaga Lake.

Biodiversity Project:: Outreach program to help explain the importance of biodiversity to individuals and media support to interested people.  Includes history and resource links.

The Nevis Biodiversity Project:: Established in October 2007, this is very much an ongoing project and is being updated on an almost daily basis. Our priority is to start with endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna, however as the project progresses, we hope to create a comprehensive list of all terrestrial and marine life in and around Nevis. The site is maintained and updated regularly by The Biodiversity Team, a group of 6th Form students from Charlestown Secon

Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP):: Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP) was started in June 2012 by Bill Hubick and Jim Brighton to thoroughly catalog the living things of Maryland. We have already cataloged over 9,000 species, including over 2,600 species with photographs contributed by more than 100 photographers. We are excited to collaborate with the many exceptional naturalists in and around Maryland in making this an indispensable resource for conservation and education.

Socotra Governance & Biodiversity Project:: Joint effort of the Government of Yemen and UNDP-GEF to conserve the globally important biodiversity of the Socotra archipelago.

Lake Doctors, The, Inc.:: Water management services including weed and algae control, fountains, and aeration systems for ponds and lakes. Several Florida locations.

Lake Company:: Full line irrigation manufacturer and wholesaler.

Cache Lake:: Dehydrated soup mixes, breads and salad, pre-cooked meats, in pouches for camping or outdoor cooking.

Lake Features information about the Lake Sarah area. Surrounding cities include Loretto, Greenfield, Independence, Rockford and Medina.

For The Love Of The Lake:: Dedicated to making White Rock Lake Park a cleaner, more pleasent environment.

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