Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)

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Ocean County Soil Conservation District (OCSCD):: Conservation districts in the United States trace their formation to the 1930s, when national attention was focused on the crisis of the Dust Bowl. Congress passed Public Law 46 in 1935, declaring soil and water conservation a national policy, and in 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt recommended that states allow landowners to form soil and water conservation districts. Today, there are close to 3000 conservation districts across the country.

Orca International:: Importer of premium Washington wines and Redhook ales in Japan.

Orca Specialty Foods:: Canadian producer of smoked salmon and value added salmon products. Company profile, product and contact details.

Southern Ocean Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (SO GLOBEC)::

Research, Conservation and Education:: Engages in scientific research, conservation, and education activities involving wildlife species at all levels of biological organization, from the molecular level up to the biosphere level.

Biodiversity: Research and Conservation:: International journal, published quarterly, with original papers, short notes and reviews in the fields of plant taxonomy, chorology, ecology and nature conservation.

Bird Conservation Research Inc.:: At "Bird Conservation Research" our mission is, our natural landscapes are rapidly fragmenting. This makes it imperative for parcels of open spaces to be protected so that the natural features of our environment can persist. Bird Conservation Research, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a publicly supported non-profit research foundation to provide the scientific underpinnings for making informed decisions about open space acquisition and management. It

Shark Conservation and Ecology Research:: Information on DNA forensics and monitoring the fin trade from a project being conducted at the Guy Harvey Research Institute in Florida. Find information on current activities and how to participate in the research effort.

Horseshoe bat research and conservation:: A forum to disseminate information about bat species of the family Rhinolophus and conservation projects.

Chelonia Marine Conservation Research:: Information about marine animals, research and conservation. Includes Biodiversity Action Plans and information about the POD - a self-contained submersible computer and hydrophone.

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