International Water Levels Coalition Related

California Farm Water Coalition:: Formed to take the voice of California's farmers into discussions about water planning and use.

Salinas Valley Water Coalition:: Addresses issues pertaining to water resources within the Salinas Valley Basin.

Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition (CWCWC):: Dedicated to protecting, maintaining, and improving the quality of the waters that make up the Croton Watershed.

Cleanup Levels for Hazardous Waste Sites:: Contains list of government regulation websites that give toxicity values, physical constants and state cleanup levels. Also, has descriptions of pages, message board and glossary of related acronyms used.

International Water Management Institute:: Contains information about irrigation systems and better water management.

International Bottled Water Association:: A trade association representing the bottled water industry. Based in Alexandria, Virginia. Profile, facts about bottled water, news, convention details and calendar.

International Council of Bottled Water Associations:: Trade organization for the international bottled water industry. Statistics, information on international standards, events, news and FAQ.

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI):: Administers the Stockholm Water Prize, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Stockholm Water Symposium, and Stockholm Water Initiative.

Desalination: The International Journal on the Science and Technology of Desalting and Water Purification:: Dedicated to keeping pace with developments in the water desalting and purification field in all its aspects.

Boreal Water Collection - Private Label Bottled Water:: Boreal is a personalized bottled water company specializing in premium custom bottled water for your company.

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California Water Environment Association (CWEA)
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